CHRISTIAN: An Alternate Response to Abortion

I believe there are 3 aspects that we as the Church (the visible Body of Christ on the earth) must carefully consider when we approach the abortion topic.  As a prerequisite for us, I believe it is critical that we keep our heart’s attitude in check with this topic of “sin”, just like any other topic of “sin”, when we are dealing with issues “in the world”/“outside the church”.  Given Paul’s writings in 1 Cor 5, we need to approach any sin “outside the church” in such a way as to NOT be judgmental.  This is NOT to belittle the “sin” or make an excuse for it, rather, simply to remember that sinner’s sin, that is what they do.  They are NOT condemned because of “abortion” (or homosexuality, etc., etc) but rather because they are not “In Christ” subject to His “rule and reign” – as we once were, before we came to the knowledge of Christ.

There is a fine line, I believe, that we have to walk when addressing issues of sin outside the church.  Asking fundamental questions such as “why is this our concern?”, and “Is this our business?” With abortion, I think we need to answer both these questions.  When we determine that it IS our business, then determining “why” it is our business, should be kept at the heart of our addressing the issue.  If we get “off track” in the reason it is our business, we will likely fail at having any positive effective.

With that said, I have found that typically, only one of the 3 aspects that we need to consider, is commonly considered when addressing abortion, that is “the preaching of Truth” or “the calling out of sin, for what it is.”  And it is in this aspect, that I believe it is most important, that we keep our heart in check, and exercise humility, particularly in light of the truths found in Matthew 7:1-5, especially verse 3: “Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?”. But before we diver deeper into this aspect, let’s look at one of the two other aspects.

Aspect #1 – Our Repentance

I am strongly convicted that any addressing of sin in “the world” needs to first be addressed “in the Church.” This aspect I would call “Our Repentance”.  I believe there are 4 areas that we, the Church, need to repent of, before we can “call out the sins of the world.”

First, our abortions.  Yes, nearly 1 in every 5 abortions (18%) are by women who identify themselves as “born again/evangelicals”.[1]  Our wives, our daughters, and yes, our mistresses, are active participants in the slaughter of innocents! That means that 8.3 million abortions worldwide, annually, are had by women who profess to be “our sisters” in Christ!  Taken to the next level (from these same statistics), 68.7% of all abortions are had by women professing “Protestant” or “Catholic” as their religious affiliations (and we thought only “heathen” were killing their babies!). Church going men & women alike, need to repent for our sins of abortion, before we point to the world. The finger pointing needs to being from our Sunday morning pulpits, as godly men preach Holy Spirit power-filled messages that will convict us of “the sin in the camp.”  Then, and only then, when we are cut to the core by our own sin, can we expect to have an effect on the sins out side the Church!

Secondly, we need to repent for our spiritual abortions.  By and large, Christiandom has abandoned the sacrifice and labor necessary to fulfill Jesus’ command of “making disciples”, for the convenience of emotionally-induced raised hands – discarding Spirit enabled repentance, for man- made conversions.  In this way, we commit spiritual abortions, as we birth multitudes to “Christ in their lives & His death on the cross” without raising them through discipleship to “their Life in Christ & their death to self.” We have created fatally malnutrition spiritual infants, born out of “the fear of hell, and the reward of heaven”, rather than nourishing them with the true milk of salvation which is found in “the Glory of God, and the redemption of His Great Name”. The abortion holocaust in the physical realm is only a shadow of the abortion massacre in the spiritual realm.  We must repent of our easy believism and our laziness in obedience to the final command of Christ to “go and make disciples, baptizing them, and teaching them to obey all that He has commanded us.” (Matt 28:19-20a)

Thirdly, we need to repent of our failure to be salt & light.  Much, if not most, of the “sinfulness” in our society is a direct result of the Churches’ failure to maintain the holiness, conviction and purity.  Instead of prayerfully exercising the Grace of a “counter-culture to be desired”, we have given over to legalism and compromise as an “offensive subculture to be despised”. We must repent of our failure to gracefully & loving set the pace in our communities regarding holiness, convection & purity.

Lastly, we need to repent for our arrogance in finger pointing.  Not much unlike the opening statements herein, we must acknowledge our judgmental arrogance, as we point our fingers at the “sinfulness” of the world, forgetting that we all started out as “sinners” – talking at “them”, and about “them”, as if we were never among “them”!  Though there is a time, and a place, and a calling, to “call sin, sin”, it is an absolute must that we approach the topic of sin, among sinners, with a humility & meekness, that neither lacks love, nor conviction. We must repent of looking down on sinners, as if we have never been one ourselves!

Aspect #2 – The Preaching of Truth (or Calling Out Sin)

There are those among us who are called to “stand on the street corner” (if you will), and preach to the world, the Truth, that abortion is murder, and murder is a sin against our fellow man, and first and foremost, against God.  Most, however will preach this message using Aspect #1, or Aspect #3.  But all MUST do this with the humility and love discussed in the opening paragraphs.  God will be just when He judges the souls of men.  And it is largely by the Light of the Church – in life, obedience, word and deed – that will insure His justice in judgement. Little needs to be said about Aspect #2, except see Aspect #1 and #3, then, and only then, can we effectively preach truth to a dying world, and expect to be agents of change in our community, nation & world.

Aspect #3 – Faith In Action

The 3rd aspect we need to consider regarding our addressing the abortion issue is the obedient manner in which each of us is to put our “faith in action” regard our response.

There are 3 areas among this 3rd aspect. And they are ALL inseparable from obedience.  And each of them may vary from person to person, as the Spirit directs, but none of us is free to turn a blind eye to the innocent slaughter on millions, as if it is no concern of ours.

First, Activism.  Yes, whether you call it civil disobedience, or a prayer gathering – some among us are called to the front lines of warfare in the natural and supernatural realms, to participate in various forms of activism at the abortion clinic level, including “Silent Sieges”, protests, rallies, sit-ins or interventions.  Not all are called to this arena, but some are – and we must surrender to obedience to the Spirit if we are called to such, and those who are not, MUST avoid the temptation to criticize those who are, while standing in unity with them in prayer. Likewise those who are called to this front-line act of obedience must avoid the temptation to judge those who are not, as if they too should be on this front-line. We are not all called to same area of service – but we are all called to service! Both must remember, just because we don’t understand someone else’s calling, doesn’t mean it is wrong.  We all stand or fall to The Lord.

Second, Volunteering. PRC’s (Pregnancy Resource Centers), Pro-life Clinics, and other anti-abortion ministries, do an amazing work in our communities to raise awareness, save lives, restore lives, and preach Jesus.  In many ways, these organizations are as front line as civil disobedience – laboring love in the trenches of the lives of panicked, hurting and frightened women. This is a huge aspect of the “war on abortion” – an aspect that we all must acknowledge is a priceless treasure in the Kingdom of God.  I would even say that this is a work that, should abortion be made illegal, must continue!

Lastly, Personal discipleship. Practical, real-life, day-to-day, relationships with women, couples, and teens.  Possibly the greatest sacrifice of all, is to act on Jesus command to “make disciples” and become part of the life of women, young and old, who may be considering an abortion, have had an abortion, or might one day come face-to-face with this as a solution to a wrong choice.  This “mentoring” – “befriending” – “pastoring” or “discipling” of women that the Lord has brought into your realm, may be preventative,  proactive, or reactionary to the abortion plite, but when love is shown, unconditionally, to the hurting, frightened, lost or impressionable women, young or old, in our lives, a difference can be made.  When reaching out to the endangered women we know, we can make a huge difference for Christ.  When loving on those who are guilt ridden for the choices they have made, we can inspire change, redirection & hope to them.  Remember – they are us; we were them.

So, in conclusion, I challenge you to “rethink” your response to the statistics that speak the truth that 46 million innocents are aborted annually – and consider that it is not “their problem, for us to point out in judgement” but “our problem, to address humbly while looking in the mirror.”

To God be the Glory.

Let him who has ears to hear, hear.

~ Gary Kienel

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NoSpectators primary blog author, Gary Kienel, strives first and foremost, to be a dedicated Ambassador of the Kingdom of God in the earth; Gary is also humbled to be a husband of 38 years to Shelley; a father, poppa, discipler, teacher, pastor, mentor, and worship drummer. His passion is to be captivated by Christ Jesus; and found faithful as a believing disciple of Christ named among the "sons of the Kingdom"!

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  1. Good word, Gary. Well said and very convicting!

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