Monthly Archives: April 2014

3 things are necessary, 4 things are vital, if we are to ever move beyond nominal Christianity

1) A proper understanding of Grace – Grace is multi-faceted. It didn’t start and stop at Calvary. It predates Eden, and it will last beyond the New Jerusalem.  Grace’s premier moment was Calvary, but it was the very Grace of Calvary that made a way for the Grace of Pentecost, which demonstrates a Grace never seen or know in this age: Christ IN US.  Grace can be God doing FOR US, or God doing IN US, or God doing THROUGH US.  Yes, it is all “GOD DOING” – but it is multi-faceted for certain, and He desires, even commands that we experience and participate in all facets of His Grace!

2) A proper understanding of Faith – Faith is far bigger than belief as we understand it, and it requires more than we realize.  Faith starts with “Hearing the Living, Breathing & Active Word of God.”  Without this (Rhema), we CANNOT have faith. Faith “consummates” with “our doing” – yes, there is both the “hearing of faith” and the “doing of faith”.  In your heart, believer, God speaks His Word to you.  Always in line with His Written Word, faith is our acting upon what we have “heard” our Lord speak to us.  Without action, our faith is dead.  Without the “hearing” our faith is legalism.  Neither will lead to Life.

3) A proper understanding of Repentance – Repentance is foundational.  And a proper understanding of repentance is vital.  Repentance always bears fruit – visible fruit – in our lives.  Repentance is coming to a place in your heart where we surrender to the truth that our way in a matter, is not God’s way; our thoughts on a matter, are not His thoughts. When we yield to His ways & thoughts on each and every matter, this is repentance!  If you deal with the fruit (outward manifestations/sins), without dealing with the root (wicked, selfish, evil heart), then you have not repented, you have just practiced behavior management.  God is calling us to repentance.  To surrender our rule and reign over the ways and thoughts of our lives, step by step, to His rule and reign.  Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.

4) A proper understanding of Salvation – Like Grace, Salvation is multi-faceted.  We sell ourselves short when we limit salvation to a prayer at an altar experience.  Scripture teaches that we “are saved”, we are “being saved”, and we “will be saved”.  What we typically call “salvation” (getting saved), is just the “Staring Line” of a journey “in Christ”.  True “salvation” begins with a supernatural conversion or regeneration of our life, in our spirit and heart.  We call this being born again – this is the “justification” facet of salvation.  But then we move to “being saved” – a partnership between our “new man” and the Spirit of God within us – a lifelong process of growing to be like Jesus in Holiness, Purity, Selflessness, Love & Humility.  This, we call the “sanctification” facet of salvation, and takes place primarily in our soul.  Lastly, in an age yet to come – oh glorious day – we “will be saved”, when this old “earth suit” (physical body) is “made new” as God the Father has planned, to bring Him the fullness of His Glory in mankind.  This we call the “Glorification” facet of salvation.

So, just some thoughts on Grace, and Faith, and Repentance, and Salvation.