Does God Care Who Wins The Super Bowl?

The question “does God care who wins the super Bowl?” doesn’t amaze me half as much as those who would answer “No, He isn’t much of a football fan, all He cares about is souls.”

Why yes He does care about souls, but what does that look like? Do we honestly think that the God of the universe; the sovereign creator of everything seen & unseen; the most infinite & supreme being in all of all – is so linear that we can answer this question with a simple “yes or no”?

The one true God takes the term multitask to a level that cannot be comprehended by the created mind. The outcome of the game has been ordained by God – as well as His purposes for that win-loss, in the heart & life of every winning player, every losing player, every joyful fan, and every disappointed fan. His purposes extend to every announcer, every official, every media personality, every half-time performer, and every spouse touched by a player, a fan, a coach and even those Monday-Morning-quarterbacks!

Does God care who wins the Super Bowl, you ask? I ask you, does God care about the hairs on my head, the sparrows that fall to the ground, the type of wood used to build the ark, and the color of the tassels hanging from the altar in the Tabernacle? Yes He cares! He cares because He is forever sovereign, eternally loving, and full of grace. He cares because He cannot not care. He cares because He purposes ALL for His glory – even football. He cares because He is the divine multi-tasker, having ordained and perfectly destined that ALL things work together for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

About NoSpectators

NoSpectators primary blog author, Gary Kienel, strives first and foremost, to be a dedicated Ambassador of the Kingdom of God in the earth; Gary is also humbled to be a husband of 38 years to Shelley; a father, poppa, discipler, teacher, pastor, mentor, and worship drummer. His passion is to be captivated by Christ Jesus; and found faithful as a believing disciple of Christ named among the "sons of the Kingdom"!

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