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“All I need is a little Coffee, and a whole lotta Jesus”

This seems a cute enough phase, sure to garner some “LOL”, some thumbs up “likes”, and a few “I feel ya” responses.

I am certain the vast majority of people – Christians included – see this, and other similar statements as benign.  I’ve seen “All I need is a little Wine, and a whole lotta Jesus”, and a variety of Cross-shaped words with Starbucks, Dallas Cowboys, Kentucky Wildcats, and others in the “little need” position.

I recently also saw on a T-Shirt: “fueled by Jesus and coffee” (at least Jesus made the #1 position on this one).

Some of the rarer – or more unique ones I have discovered – include Dr. Pepper, Hot Chocolate (yum), and even “Quilting” as a little necessity – to a happy (?), successful (?), enjoyable (?) … life with, of course, a lot of Jesus.

Innocent Enough?

What are we saying about our faith??  What is the message to ourselves, and to those who read these “innocent” t-shirt, coffee mug, or wall hanging words?  Words that have generated Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest responses ranging from heart emojis to “Amen”, “Truth”, & “Preach it” comments.

At face value this seems lighthearted and harmless – but I would challenge that thinking I would submit to you that as Christ-followers, embracing such statements is an indicator of a deeper issue reverberating in the midst of a subtle tsunami of pro-modern compromise flooding our churches, bible studies, and Sunday school classes.

Things Jesus Didn’t Say

“Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God, with a little bit of coffee.”

Or, to be more exact: “Man shall not live by Jesus alone, but by Jesus and a little bit of hot chocolate.”

It is not the coffee, the hot chocolate, not even the wine that I am taking issue with here.  Rather, it is this philosophy that is causing us to live believing – though ever so subtlety – that Jesus isn’t enough. The sad truth is that most of us are there in our daily lives.  The reality is that – whether coffee or cola – football or wine – quilting or cruising – Dr Pepper or Bud Light (yes, I saw that one too) – we live life as though Jesus just isn’t quite enough.  I am guilty!

But this should be something that as Christ-followers we shun – something we are ashamed, or convicted of.  It should not be something we are willing to proudly display on our garments or kitchen walls.  It should not be a confession that brings LOL’s or Amen’s (meaning: so be it).  

All Sufficient

The Apostle Paul wrote in the Scriptures that Christ is our sufficiency in all things – Period (2 Corinthians 3:5, 9:8, 12:9).  Moreover, the Word of God says that:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Phil 4:13)

No mention there of Coffee, Wine, Dr. Pepper, College Football, photography, even Bud Light.

Also in Philippians, Paul writes:

“and my God will supply all my needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus.”

How many needs?  All!  This is the people of God we are to become: Holy – set apart – needing nothing outside of Himself; knowing nothing but Christ, and Christ alone.

Drink you coffee.  Enjoy you Dr Pepper.  Get the most out of your cruise, and shout for your favorite college team!  But know beyond a shadow of a doubt – you do not need those things as a Born Again, regenerated, and redeemed Follower of Christ!  

All you need; All I need; Is Christ alone!!!