Though He Slay Me…

God’s faithfulness extends well beyond what we might imagine. For God will avenge every iota (for which we leave room) of word or deed that the wicked spew towards the righteous, while emphatically not wasting a single one for both the sanctifying good of His righteous one’s, and the glory of God the Father.

So rest assured son or daughter of God – nothing is wasted, nothing is ignored. No unrepented deed of evil towards His child be will be left unavenged.

“Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “ Vengeance is Mine , I will repay ,” says the Lord.” ~ Romans 12:19

Remember, no trial, suffering, or adversity, will cease in the life of a child of God until the full goodness for which God has intended for his child has been achieved – and every ounce of glory that God has intended for Himself shall be received!

About NoSpectators

NoSpectators primary blog author, Gary Kienel, strives first and foremost, to be a dedicated Ambassador of the Kingdom of God in the earth; Gary is also humbled to be a husband of 38 years to Shelley; a father, poppa, discipler, teacher, pastor, mentor, and worship drummer. His passion is to be captivated by Christ Jesus; and found faithful as a believing disciple of Christ named among the "sons of the Kingdom"!

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